Understanding Collaborative Divorce: How Working Together Helps Everyone

When families come to a crossroads, the pathway chosen to navigate the transition can significantly impact everyone involved. Collaborative divorce, an alternative to traditional separation processes, offers a more amicable and cooperative approach. It’s a method that helps preserve the dignity of all parties and focuses on shared solutions. What is Collaborative Divorce? Collaborative divorce…

The Role of Neutral Experts in Collaborative Family Law

Divorce is an emotionally and financially taxing journey that requires careful navigation. When looking to lessen the strain, conflict, and financial burden on your family, more people are turning to Collaborative Family Law. A significant aspect of this rising method is the role of neutral experts, who contribute to fair and balanced resolutions for everyone…


The Step by Step Process for Collaborative Family Law Settlements

Collaborative Practice is an alternative dispute resolution process that aims to help couples separate amicably and to settle their property and parenting issues without resorting to litigation. Here’s the step-by-step process for a collaborative settlement: 1. Research and Educate Yourself  Understanding what collaborative practice entails and whether it is suitable for your situation is the…

Children collaboratively playing

How Can Collaborative Practice Benefit My Children?

Collaborative practice, places the well-being of children at the forefront and offers a range of benefits that shield them from exposure to conflict, promote their interests, and prioritise their long-term emotional health.
Here’s how collaborative practice can be highly beneficial for children: